Compression Recovery

I really like the idea of using compression recovery products. I bought a pair of 2XU Compression Recovery Socks earlier this year to wear after my long runs. And by long runs, I usually mean anything over 4 miles. (Remember, I am a beginning runner.) I am fairly happy with using them.

They really feel good after a run and after being on my feet all day long at work. I tried wearing them after a run AND to work one day and after nearly 12 hours of wear, I had enough. The top seam was really digging into my leg after about 8 hours of wear. So maybe 12 hours  a day is a little long for me, but a couple of hours after a run and my calves feel so much better. It is like they crave wearing these socks. I do have issues with varicose veins, spider veins, and leg swelling, all which is getting worse as I get older. Plus I don't think my weight really helps either.  Earlier in the year I was having shin splints and while I do not think that these socks helped with that, I think that these do help with my lower leg swelling and tingling I get being on my feet so long every day.

There are a few things that I do not like. One is that I think they are too slick feeling to wear during runs. But they are recovery socks, not running socks. Second is that the seam  where the heel meets the ankle is a little weak looking.
While I love these socks, I would actually like to give the Compression Tights a go. Or maybe another brand a try, like Skins, Zensah, CW-X, or Zoot.

Do you wear compression or recovery products? Do you think they help?


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