70 degrees and rain

Yay! It was nice and cool today. Cloudy, 70 degrees, and some rain starting up when I left my house. Perfect! I had 3 scheduled miles to do today, which I did from Veteran's Park to about Lake Harbor and back. 3 miles = 40 minutes. Which included warm up/cool down and a short walk break in the middle. I felt good. My left shin started to cramp a bit when I did my walk break in the middle but my last mile I really felt like I could keep going. I was a little sad that when I started out, there was rain. But it ended in just a few minutes of my slog. I really wanted to run in the rain.

My10k is coming up soon.  Good news is that the race fees for that race are tax deductible. Bad news is that this week I am getting kind of nervous. I worry that after spending so much on fees for races this year, that I am going to hate running and be miserable until Christmas. The next 4 months is now dependent on how well this Project Athena 10k is going to work out for me. I am am not going to dress up for the race, but I am going to be all girly and wear all pink. If I can find a pink running skirt this weekend that will fit me, I am going to have to get it.


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