Dreadmill + Man Vs Food + hot dogs = tough run

Today I did 5 miles in 70 minutes. Including warm up & cool down. I was on the right pace that I wanted to be at, even though I just got out of bed and out the door. I really don't like to do that. I was tired and not warmed up with my coffee. I felt really slow. I even had my workout clothes all ready for me, so I had no excuses.

I got to Ghetto Renew, and it was hot. Hotter then what it was in there yesterday. I actually was getting light headed and dizzy from being so hot slogging on the treadmill. I am going to have to bring my own fan in one day.

At mile 2, there was a gust of Stan's greasy goodness odor coming in from next door. It was odd. Maybe the HVAC system has something wrong with it in the whole building. It was like I was in Stan's kitchen, not a dusty gym. It is really hard working out on the treadmill, watching Man Vs Food and smelling hot dogs cooking.

My knee was bothering me a little. And the ball of my left foot. I've had nothing but problems since getting Brooks Adrenaline 11's over a month ago. I'm going to have to take them back and try something else.


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