2 back weeks of workouts

The last 2 weeks of working out have been so  different in energy level and feel.

The week of Sept. 12-17th, I felt just on the border of an illness and constant muscle aches. Everywhere. A couple of canker sores on my tounge, sleeping even hurt. The 15th, I did not even have it in me to finish a 5 mile tempo run. I just did not have any energy to move on the treadmill. Ghetto Renew was where I ran and it is always so hot, I was getting the chills because I was working it so hard. I gave up for fear of getting sick and inability to finish. I did 4.6 miles though.

That Saturday, the 17th, I wanted a comeback. I had a plan to run from the bandshell in Julia Davis Park, to Lucky Peak. Thats like 10 miles. The weather was going to be nice and I told the BF to meet me at the end with wine that I put in his car, my Casanova pizza, and a salad. It was a nice way to end the evening and to have a cheap mini-date. We both had enjoyed getting out of a restaurant and watch the fish jump in the river at sunset. It was great. I will plan a run like that again.

Last week, I felt groggy, but strong. I pounded out my 5 miles on Thursday like a beast. Completely easy, full of energy and total opposite of the week before. I could have done more then my 5 mile tempo, but I would suffer at work if I did. I did this workout on the HORRIBLE treadmill at our clubhouse. It shuts off after an hour so my 3 13min/miles and 2 11:30 didn't go as planned. I was working on my mile 5 when I hit 1 hour. The treadmill moved to a 5 minute cooldown. I had to bump that baby up and go as fast as I could to finish my mile before the treadmill stopped completely. I did it with seconds to spare and actually felt like puking afterward.

Saturday afternoon was back to Ghetto Renew for 8 miles. This would have been done on the Greenbelt but it was a BSU game day. Plus the Woman's Fitness Celebration and I wanted to be no where near where all those herds of people are. I did my 8 miles and felt really strong. I watched Death Race on the 'mill. Nothing like taking your mind off your legs like fast cars and muscular men. I need to watch more action movies on the treadmill for motivation. It was great. I felt good. Sweaty as all get out. But good. I felt strong. And proud of myself.

A few more days and I'll be a Half Marathon finisher!


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