26 More Days

26 more days until my half marathon.

And I am getting nervous.

The BF's family likes to talk about running because it is a safe topic to talk about, unlike politics. Everyone can talk about running. The BF's 12 year old son wants to run in races now to get in shape. I made him and his dad run the Main Street Mile last year and they both had a good time. We talk about how the BF's step-father and BF's brother ran Bay To Breakers a few times. (I have been trying to talk the BF to run it in 2012.) The BF's mom's BFF ran Chicago Marathon while she was dating a runner many years ago. She did it around 4:30. Never did another marathon after that.

But Run for the Hills is coming up soon. I feel a slight panic a little more then my first run, the 10k a few weeks ago.

I feel confident that I will finish, but I know that this is going to be even more challenging then my 8 miles I can slog through on the dreadmill. Which I did for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon after a night of drinking beer and vodka, eating pulled pork, and watching the BSU Broncos win against Georgia. In my running clothes because I was going to go do my 8 miles Saturday.... But a season opener and some beer got in the way. Hammer Endurolytes have to be the best hangover remedy ever when taken before bed after drinking with a whole lot of water!

Anyways, back to my nerves. Can I slog all 13 miles without stopping to walk multiple times? No. Will I be near the end of the pack of the finishers once again? Of Course. Will there be tacos left for me to eat during the post race party? I really hope so. Will I deviate from my training plan in 2 weeks just to see how I will feel after a 13 mile run? Probably.

I need to add a little more cross training in this month. I have been slacking on the weights and I feel my arms losing some tone I was doing really good of building up. I do have a much needed massage scheduled for tomorrow! Yay!

26 more days and I will be a half marathon finisher!


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