It has been about 2 months since my last massage. Minus the fact that I gave one on Monday- I really needed to receive.

I had a Living Social deal that was an hour massage at a back cracker for, I think, $20. It was worth the 20 minute freeway drive in my car with no A/C with the temperature 90 degrees outside.

My massage said Carribean Coconut massage, but the massage oil smelled just like plain ol' massage lotion to me. There were beachy wave sounds on the CD player.

My therapist looked at me funny when I said my legs were hurting instead of my back at the intake. She didn't think the chiro could do much for my leg pain-lol.

My back (right shoulder blade) is where I keep my tension,  but with all these miles that I put on my feet daily (I walk most of my 8 hour shift at work too) my legs have been TIGHT! I nearly kicked my therapist when she was working my right IT Band. Yikes! That has NEVER happened before during one of my massages. Afterward, she suggested a foam roller insead of a Stick. And with the roller being cheaper then the Sticks, I may just have to break down and get one.

Now, on to get ready for work. I have an hour to get all this massage oil off me. Ick.

Do you prefer a foam roller, or a Stick? Inquiring minds want to know.


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