New Milestone

Thursdays tempo run was 5miles. Saturdays long run was 10 miles. I just hit a new milestone. Double digits! I am pretty proud of myself.

It really seems like the beginning of this year, I could barely jog a ONE MILE and now here I am on the treadmill for 10. I am proud of myself.

I am looking forward to this half marathon deal - in just 19 more days! If my 13 miles goes like my 10 miles, then I am going to have to walk a little more then expected. I was feeling good and comfortable until about mile 6 and then I started to lose a little bit of steam. I did push through the burning legs but halfway through mile 9, my gut said cool it down a bit. So I walked.

I wore compression socks during my slog on the dreadmill that I bought about a month ago. They did keep my calves happy, but I feel like I need something now for the knee up. My left knee feels a little swollen. I iced it yesterday and was planning a bike ride today, but I think I will wait a day. I am afraid of being unrunable (I guess that is not a word but oh well) and not being able to do what I have planned to do for the rest of the year.

Now, time for a new milestone. :-)


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