Race Change

The past few weeks, my BF's son has been on a major sport/exercise kick. It may have to do something with starting Jr. High and being around girls and testosterone hitting him, AND football season starting... But the BF's 12 year old son wants to run, lose weight and do running races. I made him and his dad do Main Street Mile last year and they both had about the same 7 minute mile finishing times.

Barber To Boise, I think, will be a good fit for him to do. 5k run/walk, no pressure. Starting at Bronco Stadium, a quick greenbelt loop and and finishing up back up at the Stadium with pancakes and live music. I will enter the BF's son, maybe the BF (or just get him a ticket to eat pancakes afterward with us because he really doesn't want to do runs for fun. Run For The Hills is a lot of pressure on him right now) and myself.
Bronco Stadium on football game day.

If I sign myself up for this, I really feel like I have to buy and wear a blue or orange sparkle skirt. I also have these great knee high socks, which were a gift from last year, that I have never worn.

 Really, look at the pictures above and tell me how I can slog in a race that is at the stadium, and NOT wear blue and orange?

I don't think I will do the City of Trees, as that will put me 3 running events, 3 weekends in a row, a month and a half before my marathon. I don't think that will be healthy for me because Seattle is my main event. If I take out City of Trees from my schedule and do Barber to Boise, I will have completed in my first year of running, a 5k, 10k, half-marathon AND a marathon. To me, that is something to be proud of. :-)

Do you plan out your race day gear a month in advance? What are the reasons why you pick to run one race over another?


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