Race Fever

I received an email yesterday. It was from KIDO and it had a contest for a KISS Cruise.

But at the bottom of the email was a link for a 5k. I actually clicked on it and was going to enter. It starts at 11am! That's such a benefit for me.

But I had to get to work so I couldn't enter my credit card info. Plus I wanted a smoothie at the smoothie place across the street from my job since I didn't get a chance to eat lunch before work.

What did I see at the smoothie place, but an flyer for another race coming soon!

And another race flyer I did see!

Can I run my half October 1st and two 5Ks on the next two weekends after that? I still have to get my marathon training runs until the end of November, so I may wind up entering a few extra 5Ks more then planned.

What do you do when you get race fever and want to enter all the races?


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