5K - Finished!

I just finished the Live to Bfit 5K. It was... interesting. But fun.

I guess this was the 3rd annual, but it really did not seem like it. I knew it was going to be a small, quick race, but it was more of a training run with friends.

We picked up our packets, which was our race number (printed on cardstock- I seriously thought I was going to get a papercut) a nice reusable zip tote bag, the race shirt and some materials from the Idaho Business League and a mini Butterfinger and some BioFreeze samples. I think I have been spoiled at some of these runs I have done. Funny thing is that there were people there that I recognized from the past 2 runs. I guess this whole running thing is a big community. 

All I knew about this run was that it was going to be a Greenbelt run. The director dude shouted the route out to the crowd before we started. It was an out and back run.

This race benefited Camp River Run. I think it is a good org to support.

I made sure to look at my Garmin when I started like a real runner.

Water at the exact half way point. Nice. I am glad this Greenbelt run was less crowded then expected. I am always in the back and if people stop to walk in front of me, it makes it so much easier to get around them when there is not a huge crowd.

The volunteers on the course (other then the nice people at the water station and at the start/finish) didn't cheer or clap or tell anyone "good job" or "looking good" or "almost there!" The just stood there, like they were bored and totally not wanting to be there at all. That is what I disliked about the race the most. It takes a second to clap for someone or just say "good job" or something motivational. And the ones that could have done it, didn't.

I checked my Garmin a little more then I would have if I didn't have it. I don't like being a slave to something. I just am old school I guess. I like knowing how I feel and if I can mentally get my physical self going. A little gadget can't give me info that on how I feel. It is very cool having the data to look at After I import it all.

I did wave to the camera as I passed, but my personal photographer didn't catch it. 

This run had no timing chips, no clock at the start and the finish. This is what I call a fun run. Total bare bones run - with my fellow runners and walkers and my Garmin. 

Had some Reliv gatorade stuff, which was pretty good. A bottle of water at the end and one of these little bars. 

Never heard of Scott's Loaded Granola before. Silly me. After a quick google search, I see that they are made locally in Meridian. Sounds awfully tasty. I like my things with nuts (TWSS) and seeds. And blackberry lime sounds really good. After I post this post, I am going to devour that granola bar. 

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


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