Crosstraining Slacker

I have been a crosstraining slacker the last month. Maybe because I was using the excuse to "taper" for my half-marathon and to "recover" from the training runs that I should be keeping consistent with for the next 40 days. Yes, the Seattle Marathon is in, like, 40 days! *gulp*

Sunday, I didn't do crap. After over 13 miles on Saturday. I was having some foot/ankle pain and I fear injuries. Fear them. But I went to bed earlier then normal to wake up earlier then normal and hit Ghetto Renew Monday morning.

I did 60 minutes on the elliptical. Yay! Crosstraining!

Now, I know that crosstraining will help endurance, race day performance, help me maybe lose weight (the scale says 2 pounds down!), help prevent some injuries, tone my body, ect ect ect, but I just really slacked off. I got the nerves from race day a little better under control this last month, but now I need to fine tune the rest.

I need to trust myself and my body that I can workout and then handle a day of work after that. Which I felt like I was drained of energy after just running 5 miles then going to work. Not doing anything other then "resting" on my crosstraining days for fear of no energy for work. Crosstraining should help me with that.

I know that asked about how often you crosstrain, but what do you like to do as crosstraining?

I vow to do some form of cross training 3 days a week, and my runs - which is what I have been doing - 2 days a week.


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