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The Pumpkin King 5k

The post is sponsored by Level Up Virtual Runs and no other compensation is given.

I have been slacking on running lately most of this year, I am slowly (a little too slowly) getting back into it. I have gained weight and I have missed it. It seems my life is a non-stop whirlwind and its quite annoying.

I have a future race planned out later this month, and since it is Halloween time and I am excited for the holidays, I am going to jump in and participate in The Pumpkin King 5K Virtual Run.

The one thing that I like about virtual runs is that I can run / walk them anytime and anywhere. Plus, no matter where you live, you can even join me! We can earn the same bling!

The cost is only $25 - which is super reasonable. BUT if you use code PUMPKINKING you can get 10% off! That extra discount is basically a Starbucks Coffee. :-)

I will be running my Virtual Run this weekend - when do you plan on running yours? Are you going to join me in The Pumpkin King 5K?

Don't You Wish...

Todays workout was 30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs. Fat Burning Cardio.
It's been about a year since I did any of the videos. I did it a lot last summer, hoping to learn some dance moves, but all I got from it was a complex about doing these videos with the BF home. He laughs at me. The moves are silly but way easier then Insanity. I threw my back out doing the fitness test of that!

The part of the video that I really like is the dance moves of that Pussycat Dolls song. The choreography just works.  Plus that song is just great ego boost. 

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. 


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