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The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World Review

This post is sponsored by The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World book by Allison Sher.

I was given a digital copy of this book. I thought that it would be good to read, even though I am a Gen X'er. There is just so much talk about the Millennial's right now that I thought that it would be good to get to know what is going on inside their head.

About the Book  The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World teaches young people everything they need to know to change the world, while building a happy, healthy adult life for themselves. It explains how our current social systems work, the challenges young people are inheriting and how millennials can step into our power to create a critical mass conversion to solve them. Everything from politics to spirituality to love relationships to education to sex to economics to mental health is covered. And it includes 50 or so juicy, true life stories from millennials across the country…

Half Marathon Success!

Well, I did it. I am so proud of myself. I completed the Run For The Hills Half Marathon.

I'll post pictures soon.

It was a small race. Just around 300 participants for the 5k and half. 80-some of them were a church team doing 4 half's in 4 weeks. Pretty impressive.

My day started out at 4:45am. Some nights I don't go to bed until then so it was a little frustrating to get up nearly an hour before my alarm. Plus it was hot out. The nighttime temp was 77 when I got up so it was hard to sleep anyways.

Drove the hour to Fruitland, ID to do this race. The swag bag was ok. The tech shirt (long sleeved- I really needed one!) is nice. A full sized bottle of Epionce spf30 suncreen was nice. But no other samples other then a free week at a Ontario gym and some coupons to the Boise area running stores. There was an I <3 Beef balloon, which I am excited about. Some other little things were in there too. Magnets and such.

I started out slow, but ok. Had to jump over a little snake in the road sunning himself at mile 1. One of 2 on my journey. The 2nd one was around mile 9 or so. I really was feeling good until we got to the 1st hill around mile 5. It was a freeway overpass, so it was big. I walked it.

I started to really feel the run after mile 5. My feet hurt. It was getting hot. Like 80 degree, no shade hot. I was mildly regretting wearing what I did. The compression socks were warm on my calves. The compression shorts I wear were digging into my tummy. My race bib belt was happy around my ribcage, not below it at my waist or hips. I wasn't happy.

At mile 6-7 I really had to start walking a bit of each mile. The hills were tough. Rolling hills were tougher then I thought. There was a killer hill at mile 9-10 that put one girl ahead of me out of the race. She got ATV'ed back to the start. I don't know if she cramped but the hills were tough for a lot of people. I was ok fast walking them. Big strides.

I really wanted to give up around mile 10-11. I just couldn't run anymore. My quads were so sore. They couldn't move as fast as I needed them to. Walking was ok. My right calf was getting tight. I just kept moving.

Mile 12 was a blessing. Some nice person had signs up on their fence along the road that said "Almost There!" and "I Am, I Can, I Will." That got some cheers by a few of the runners behind me. I felt good enough to jog the last mile or so. I saw my BF waiting for me to take pics of me near the end. I wanted to cry. I was so proud of myself to be able to do it. I want to cry now, but I won't.

I got another burst of energy to make the few hundred yards past the BF to the finish. My time was 3:00:03. The BF predicted 3 hours and somehow he guessed right. I was hoping for more of a 2:30, but it's cool.

The finishers got finisher awards- etched stemless wineglasses. The BF already washed his and put wine in his. He deserves it. We got a flat on the way home and we had to change that. Not fun.

The bad part of the race was that water was no where to be found at the end. You can never have enough water or whatever to drink at the end. I needed water so bad. I didn't get enough on the course, and having to bark at the BF to get my bottle out of the car that I brought.

The tacos would have been great if I could have ate something. I could eat some now. I have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge to celebrate with soon. It's not tacos, but I got it just for celebration with the BF because I am so proud of myself.


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