Live to Bfit 5K Run/Walk

Tomorrow, the Live to BFit 5K is at 11am.

I will be there with my new Garmin toy.

Today, I work until 1:30am and will be getting up around 8:30am to be at the packet pickup around 10am. I am going to be very tired in the morning. Very tired. I don't usually use an alarm clock to wake up with in the mornings because of my schedule. My clock is set to torture me way too early tomorrow. I am not looking forward to, maybe, 6 hours of sleep tonight. I am a 8-9 hour a night girl.

I am looking forward to the run in the morning. I want to get a long run in also. A run after of 10 or more miles will make me hit what my training schedule has planned out.

Hopefully, I will see you at the run tomorrow! I will have a report and pictures of the run this weekend.


  1. Thanks! It's my 1st 5k & I am looking forward to being part of it.


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