My Brain Said Yes...

My body said no. I really wanted to put in over 20 miles before it got dark Saturday.

Didn't happen. I am disappointed that no matter how much my brain said "slog faster", "get the garmin to a 14:XX pace!" Didn't work. My legs just didn't want to work.

I started out good. at a 13 minute mile pace that I wanted. I had a updated fueling plan in place that I was giving a try.

My legs had other ideas. I slogged about 10 miles at a 13-14min pace. The wind was at my back pushing me along.
 Made it to Lucky Peak area. Got to crunch leaves as much as I wanted. Love hearing fall leaves go crunch!
This is where it was starting to go bad.  I had to slog into the wind on the trip back. I hate this when I ride my bike here but running is worse. My legs hurt. Both balls of my feet. My right knee, my right hip, my quads. Everything hurt. I have myself to blame - I'll put details of that in my next post. I had to walk the last 10 miles. There was no way my legs would move. The last mile sucked as I got to my car. My feet hurt worse then what they normally do in my shoes.

I did see this and tried my best to get a little perky step going with nearly 6 miles left to get to my car.

My cell didn't catch it the best. There were 20 whitetail deer. The most I have seen. Usually no more then 10. Mostly around 5 when I see them on the greenbelt and around BSU. They all focused on me when I was watching them. Between Barber Park and Lucky 13 pizza.

Yeah, It got cold and dark and I hurt all over before I finished. I made it 19 miles. But I walked half. Failing on my desire for over 20. I know why I failed and I will post later on that.


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