Run For The Hills Pics

Here are some pics from the Run For The Hills Half Marathon and 5k.
Me about a half hour from the start. The group in the background were the 4 half marathons in 4 week church group raising money for India orphanages or something like that.

This was the whole group starting the half. The 5k started 45 minutes later. 

At 9:04am we were starting. 

There we go! I am in all purple. 

I'm a little purple dot making my journey back to the finish line 3 hours later...

Love this. Yes, I AM Slow! 

I was trying not to cry here. I was so happy. 

Down the sidewalk to the finish line.

The, uh, big finish.

Yay! My finishers etched wine glass.

I didn't get any pics along the way. If I did, it would have taken me longer then my 3 hours to finish.

I did get 2 pics of the BF. But none of his race - starting or finishing.

He is so serious. He wanted last place in the 5k- his knee was bothering him and didn't want to run. He walked it - his 2nd race too. He came 5th from last. 52:14 walking the whole way.

27 people finished after me. I really enjoyed the whole day. Even though I was miserable 3/4th into it.

I am so looking forward to my next race day.


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