Running In The Dark

Got my car fixed today! Yay! Told a certain someone to come fix what he started working on otherwise I was going to kick him in the ovaries. And he did come over to finish my car. It took him about 5 hours and me with lots of anxiety and without a car for 2 over 2 days, but it is great now. Everything worked out great.

I was able to get to the greenbelt for an at dusk to dark slog. I thought, "hey, I can fit in 6 miles before it gets dark." Yea, I couldn't.
I did get 4.5 miles in. I don't know how long it took. Over an hour. Didn't check my Garmin yet. 11-13minute miles. I was having back spasms while slogging.

I do know that I have done well and cut back from 2 Starbucks a day, now down to maybe one a week. Today was my one a week. Recovery Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yay for Autumn!
Thanks Team Luna Chix for the hat and LUNA goodies. I am very appreciative. :-)

Hopefully my back will be better tomorrow. My scheduled run is 16 miles tomorrow. My goal is actually do 20miles - even if I have to walk half of it.


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