Running On Drugs

Today, I still had lower back spasms. I thought, hey, maybe I should take a muscle relaxer before I run. The drugs that I have prescribed, never help loosen muscles. But I was hoping for some relief.

I just got really sleepy.

I went out the door anyway.

I did indulge in a Starbucks Grande Iced Salted Carmel Mocha beforehand. Yum.

Did it wake me up? Not really. I was hoping to really push my long run to 20 miles today. Starting at 2pm with back spasms, there was no way. But I did do 17.59miles. Mr. garmin says it took me 4:44:35.

My travels were slow. Like walking 19 minute miles to a speedy 14 minute miles slog. All down the greenbelt to Lucky Peak and back.
There was a few times I was able to zone out. Nothing on me was aching. There were no cars driving by, no other greenbelt users. It was so peaceful and quiet. I really didn't want to finish my run and go home.

But it got dark and I was getting chilled. And I was getting tired eating gels. I wanted food.

And I made it back to my car and home.

I had my recovery milk, shower and gin and tonic. Now it is time for food and some stretching.

What do you do for spasming muscles? What sounds good for me to eat right now?


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