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The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World Review

This post is sponsored by The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World book by Allison Sher.

I was given a digital copy of this book. I thought that it would be good to read, even though I am a Gen X'er. There is just so much talk about the Millennial's right now that I thought that it would be good to get to know what is going on inside their head.

About the Book  The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World teaches young people everything they need to know to change the world, while building a happy, healthy adult life for themselves. It explains how our current social systems work, the challenges young people are inheriting and how millennials can step into our power to create a critical mass conversion to solve them. Everything from politics to spirituality to love relationships to education to sex to economics to mental health is covered. And it includes 50 or so juicy, true life stories from millennials across the country…

The Seattle Sound

I had an Ah-Ha moment this weekend. It was while I was watching that Pearl Jam documentary on PBS this weekend. I never really listened to Pearl Jams music, although I did have the Vs. CD.
Eddie on my big screen
I did embrace grunge in high school. I always felt a kinship with Seattle. It is and always be one of my favorite cities to go to. I worshiped Courtney Love and I wore dresses, mary jane shoes, and red lispstick just like she did. I had Kurt Cobain's sweater that looked like roadkill, but it was his and I wore it until my mom threw it away one day when she was mad at me. I will never forgive her for that. Most of my art projects in drawing & sculpture dealt with lyrics of Babes In Toyland. I left conditioner in my hair to make it more greasy so I could be more grunge.

My Ah-Ha moment was that when I am in Seattle in 32 days, I am going to slog the Seattle Marathon listening to only grunge music on my ipod.

Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River, Mother Love Bone.

I usually don't listen to my ipod when working out. I wear it all day at work and just want to give my ears a break.

But I decided to pay homage to my favorite city and music that I have a new-found appreciation for.


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