The Seattle Sound

I had an Ah-Ha moment this weekend. It was while I was watching that Pearl Jam documentary on PBS this weekend. I never really listened to Pearl Jams music, although I did have the Vs. CD.
Eddie on my big screen
I did embrace grunge in high school. I always felt a kinship with Seattle. It is and always be one of my favorite cities to go to. I worshiped Courtney Love and I wore dresses, mary jane shoes, and red lispstick just like she did. I had Kurt Cobain's sweater that looked like roadkill, but it was his and I wore it until my mom threw it away one day when she was mad at me. I will never forgive her for that. Most of my art projects in drawing & sculpture dealt with lyrics of Babes In Toyland. I left conditioner in my hair to make it more greasy so I could be more grunge.

My Ah-Ha moment was that when I am in Seattle in 32 days, I am going to slog the Seattle Marathon listening to only grunge music on my ipod.

Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River, Mother Love Bone.

I usually don't listen to my ipod when working out. I wear it all day at work and just want to give my ears a break.

But I decided to pay homage to my favorite city and music that I have a new-found appreciation for.


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