Sick Day

Called in sick to work tonight. Ugh. I really hate it when my boss actually answers his phone instead of letting me leave a voice mail message.

Slept almost 10 hours this today. I had an eye exam and electrolysis appointments to do. Rescheduled them both.  Stayed in bed.

Took advantage of today's Yollar deal.

My Newtons are going to have to wait another day to run in. That makes me sad.

Sitting in bed with my green tea and Puffs Plus with lotion tissues and my laptop looking at running things.

Came across a free digital subscription to Woman's Adventure Magazine on my internet travels.

I signed up.

Time for a warm up on my cup of green tea and maybe a nap. I could use a hot toddy.


  1. sorry you aren't feeling well! And well seriously a sick day where you are actually sick stinks!


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