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Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

I shared a post a couple of weeks ago about the weight loss that I have had and the weight loss challenges that I was participating in. With it being the new year, I guess I should write a recap and update of the 2018-2019 year and share it with the bloggieverse.

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A post shared by runinboise (@runningandwineing) on Dec 17, 2018 at 7:22am PST
I did good on my weight loss challenges. I made my 20 pound goal for the Studio G weight loss challenge. Yay! I really enjoyed the classes, but the downside with nearly every class being so squat heavy, my knee did not like that and the last 2 weeks of classes, I was ready to be done with them. But my body liked the workouts and responded well.

My local weight loss challenge, I was really hoping to win, but I got 2nd place. I did not work out at all the weigh in week because my knee was so cranky and swollen, I could not walk. I needed 3 more pounds to lose to win Not a lot of weight so it was a close challenge! I was

Today's Fun Run

Today I had a pretty good run. Despite it being cloudy, 43 degrees and slight rain sprinkles, and I just wanted to stay in bed and drink tea, I took my new Garmin toy out for a 2 miles slog around the neighborhood.

I did not feel like driving down to the greenbelt, or to ghetto renew. I did something that I have only done twice since I have lived in the house I have been in for 2 years. I went outside on foot. It was scary. I don't care for my neighborhood. It is not pretty, and the only ones that are on bike or foot are the ones that have no license, DUIs, or under the driving age. No one is outside for exercise. Which is weird. Boise is such an outdoorsy city.

Well, anyways, I did my 2 miles, then came home to play with the garmin. I wore it to work yesterday to try to figure out the functions. I was tempted to wear the HR monitor too, but I thought that may have been tech overkill.

Anyways, seeing the calories burned and the constant updates on my pace and how far along on my workout I am, I really am digging the whole garmin thing.

I have not ran since Saturday's half marathon and I have been kinda lazy. And a little sore. But I did do todays slog with my timing chip still on my shoe. I am a dork.

Anyways, off to take a hot shower and break out the space heater. I am not enjoying the cool weather yet.


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