5 Pounds Down

I have been on a quest to lose weight for years. Weight never has just magically disappeared on me. Never. Fat loves me. Loves me too much.

I also want to be a bit lighter for Seattle. You know, help my marathon time and all. Plus if I walk into Channel or Prada downtown, I can maybe fit something on my arm.

I have said before I have had success with daily elliptical use - an hour a day, like, everyday. But I have been slacking on that.

I have been eating a lot of salads this past month. Everyday for lunch is pretty much a salad. Spinach, chickpeas or kidney beans, carrots and broccoli. Sometimes a chicken breast, walnuts or apple slices are involved. I am getting really tired of spinach and broccoli. But it is so healthy and always available at Costco.

Sometimes when I don't have time or salad fixin's at home, I will go to Wendy's (preferred) or McDonald's (not preferred) for a $6.00 salad for lunch at work.

Rabbit food must be good for me because when I have weighed myself a couple times this week, the scale has said that I am down 5 pounds. Lots of veggies and protein, and the only carbs are pretty much in my breakfast and coffee drinks or hot chocolate in the evening. Oh, and excluding all the Halloween candy I had to sneak at random times in the day the last couple weeks. I am also eating my dinner at work earlier. I think that may be a help. Instead of 9pm, I have been trying to eat most of it at 7pm during my break time.

Do you have any stubborn weight loss secrets? What do you like to eat on your salads? I am a fan of chickpeas and cottage cheese every now and then.


  1. i think the salads help because they make sure we are getting in a bunch of veggies and fiber!!

    i like using canned salmon on my salads and mixing up the veggies every couple weeks


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