Against the Wind

Today I was running against the wind. That song is one of my favorite all time songs. I am not sure why. I was 2 when the song came out.

I started out pretty fast. My 1st mile was 10:29!!! But I realized why when I turned around and headed home.


That, and I was amped up on 4 cups of coffee. 

I had quite a bit of wind resistance on that 2nd mile. I knew that it makes a difference (uh, that Boston fiasco) But I didn't realize that a few MPH of wind would have such an effect on MY times. I mean, come on. I only have 2 speeds. Slow speed and walking speed. Which is pretty much the same thing.
Going into the wind can be quite a bit of a struggle. I mean, I knew I was torching calories but I was slow and using more energy then I needed to.

I just hope that Seattle (10 DAYS!!!) won't have a lot of heavy wind and rain.

Coffee pot still has a half pot left. I better go take care of that now. Prepping for Seattle and such. Plus this dreary weather has me drinking more coffee then normal. 2 cups a day isn't enough for me.

Do you have a song that brings back good memories every time you hear it? I think my mom might of had that Bob Seger album and I think I heard it on the radio a lot when I was really young.


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