The Best Part of Going Uphill

Today's slog was 3.47 miles in 41:43. Which included walking during a cell phone call around the 2 mile mark.

my pics always seem unflattering. or maybe cuz i just woke up.

Started at the Firefighters Memorial on the greenbelt. Was going just by feel with a more then 2, less then 5 mile goal. I wore the Newtons and didn't want to hurt myself. I may take them to Seattle to wear. The greenbelt is closed up by Joes Crab Shack and you are detoured behind the old Red Lion Riverside and into ghettoville.

I mean Garden City. I didn't feel too comfortable running on the streets with nothing but trucks and trailer houses, so I headed back. Plus I didn't know how long the detour was and where it went exactly.
ugh. BSU's biggest rival ever is in town.

I made myself go up the railroad bridge by the connector because it is sorta like a hill. Uphill until you hit Orchard. I've always liked this hidden part of the greenbelt. I felt like I did more in elevation then the 57' that Mr. Garmin said I did. Oh well. It was an incline and the decline was the best part. I felt comfortable and my 11min/mi pace felt effortless.

And I burned nearly 500 calories. That means I have pretty much taken care of my pre-slog breakfast and after-slog snack.

I am not a big fan of Nutella but it was there. And I took care of the Apple Pie LaraBar. Yum.

What do you put Nutella on? I think it is weird, like cake frosting and not enough nut flavor. I usually slather a spoon of it on bananas, which I don't like eating all that much either.

Do you incorporate hills into your training?


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