Last Friday Night

Well, I made it to Seattle via airplane thanks to a little help from Atavan.

I picked up my race packet at the Westin, which is about 3/4mile from the start of the race tomorrow. The expo had the normal expo things, but Nuun was right in front with samples of their goodies. Lara Bar was there along with some organic granola company. This shirt is Saucony and long sleeved and I love it.

Thankfully the Westin was close enough for the Westlake xmas tree lighting and fireworks. There were a ton of people there and it was actually very festive and fun.

 I made it to Whole Foods and celebrated my vaycay alone with a Caesar Salad and a bottle of bubbly.
 I even got a Murad Vitamin C facial but it irritated the hell out of my skin. It was like it was a orange scented chemical peel. My face is SO red. I am really embarrassed to be walking around with an irritated, red face.
But despite the bad skin today, I have plans to meet up with 2 of my local friends. And I even have my race day gear all layed out for tomorrow morning! Seattle Marathon, I am so ready to rock you!


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