Manic Monday

Yea, it's not really a manic Monday, but it is a Monday. Busy day of grocery store, pulled over by a motorcycle cop (no biggie, my tags are not on my plates but still on my registration), 1 mile slog, got my hair did at Fete (Amy is my homegirl) and now getting ready for work.

Did a quickie 1 mile treadmill slog at Ghetto Renew.
The lady on the machine next to me is a farter. I wanted a pic of her but didn't get one. Think of a mix of Kim Gordon and Iggy Pop. That's what she looks like. She's a regular at Ghetto Renew and I KNOW she has farted when I have worked out next to her before but she had to let one go today. One of those silent but deadly ones. I was disgusted. I gave her a dirty look and I know she knows that I know that she is gross. I had stanky pits and I made sure to raise my arms up a couple of times during my mile so she could smell my grossness. Yea, I am immature but does she HAVE to fart that much? Maybe she needs some Gas-X before she works out.

6 More days til Seattle!!!!

What do you do if you have a person in the gym that grosses you out? Do you be gross too or do you switch machines and try to get away?


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