Slog of the Day

Today was just a quick 2 mile slog on the greenbelt. Both miles right around 12 minutes each.
SLOW is how I roll. yo.

silly finger got in the shot.

While on my 2nd mile, I realized that running does not come as easy to me as reading about running, or watching movies about running. Reading books and blogs and magazines about how people can run a 5K in 17 minutes or multiple marathons one weekend and then the next is not yet natural for me. The running part I mean. The reading part is cake. I don't sweat or get my heart rate up while I am sitting in bed or on the couch reading. It is a challenge, and most of the times a struggle to just get out the door. That struggle makes me doubt myself and gives me a chance to to think about how difficult this running thing is. I am not ready to give up. I have seen improvement of myself and fitness, but it has taken quite a bit of time. It has been very challenging for me this whole year. I never felt like bailing on the whole Seattle Marathon, but I am ready to tackle the Marathon NOW and ready to set new running goals for myself in 2012.

What are your 2012 running goals?
Do you use whatever pics you take or do you take a bazillion and use the best? I only took those 2 pics today.


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