What I Do On Saturday

Today's slog at Ghetto Renew was 5 miles in 65 minutes. 

It was unbearabley hot inside the building. I know that it is like 30-something outside but I don't need to pretend that it is summer inside. I would have done more miles if it wasn't like 80 degrees inside the building. It was WAY to hot. I was dripping sweat by my 1st half mile. And I was only doing a 13min/mile. It's not like I was working it enough to dump sweat.

I don't watch much TV, but there was a movie on Comedy Central that I was watching that made my slog so much more enjoyable. Will Arnett was in prison. What I watched of it, made me LOL out loud on the treadmill. The machines that were full of people were all of a sudden empty.

I even used the Foam Roller Ghetto Renew has laying around after my slog. My right glute needed attention after my last slog and figured that it wouldn't hurt to use it today. My IT band liked it and my glute isn't bothering my like last time, but I feel like going back over there and using it again.

It seems that blogging runner girls love froyo. Well, I forced my BF to take me and his 2 kids to get froyo. The 4 of us filled up my punch card so my next one is free. Yay!
Shizit is tasty. I really enjoyed the heck out of the Egg Nog and the Pumpkin. The egg nog more then the pumpkin. Cake batter will always be my number one fave. But egg nog was a winner for sure.

Now, on to my Redbox'ed movie - Horrible Bosses. 

And My Canadian Mist and Diet Dr. Pepper.

How do you spend your Saturday nights? Did you get your workout in today?


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