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Aging and My Mid-Life Crisis

I can't believe that I am now 40. It sounds SO OLD. But I don't feel like I should be THAT old. Its depressing. I think I'm having a harder time accepting this then I did for when I turned 30.

It's scary. To be frank and a little macabre, you have to start planning for end of life stuff. There is a lot I have yet to do with my life. But to be planning old people stuff, its scary.

How much longer am I going to live? How can I do this the healthiest that I possibly can? Should I buy life insurance for my other half and I? How can I increase our retirement savings. (Going on a cruise a couple times a year is not helping with that savings.) At what age should I sign up for AARP?

I had one friend die of Pancreatic cancer this past year. It hit him hard and sadly fast. I had another friend in November pass due to complications with pneumonia and his diabetes. I seen him in the store a week or two before he passed and he was out of it. I googled both their names when I did n…

A Blustery Kind of Day

Did a hard 1 mile post-marathon slog.

The wind was blowing about 25MPH outside and I started out right into it!

I had to stop and walk twice because the gusts of wind were so hard to breathe in.The wind gusts were up to 47MPH!

My goal was 2 miles, but 1 in this weather is good enough. My legs feel good and nothing really hurts. I feel like my left ankle is a little achy, like overused or something. The wind provided more resistance then desired. lol!

Do you like to run in the wind to get a little extra workout bonus?


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