Hello, Alcoholism!

Well, if I was not on the Drunk Diet before this holiday weekend, I will soon be.

The BF, who at one time bought me Chanel and Prada as gifts, now goes to the closest store to our house, the liquor store, to get holiday gifts.

All I got from him is alcohol related items as shown in the pic above. He also gave his mom and step-dad bottles of liquor store items.

Can I say I was ungrateful and pretty pissed. Yes, I will. Do I be all nice and consider the thought that counts. No, because there is also a convenience store near our house where he could have gotten a gas card or something else lame. Did I get anything cool and brag-worthy, or anything I can return, from anyone? Actually, no. I got bath towels and some glass serving tray. And alcohol.

I didn't get anything remotely running related.

A pretty shitty x-mas if you ask me.


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