Make-Up While Running

For Saturdays Christmas Run, I wore lipstick.

I really like the Maybelline Superstay 24. I got a few of those colors and this is my go to lipstick and I wear it everyday. I chose a red lipstick for last week because I like red lipstick and I thought it would be a nice festive change from the pinks and the neutral shades I have been wearing all summer and fall.
I also wear this lipstick when I run because I feel a little bit more feminine when I run. I feel like such a boy when I wear a baseball hat to contain my short hair from getting all in my face.

The BF made a comment after my run Saturday that I shouldn't wear lipstick because he did not see anyone else doing it and thought it was weird.

I don't think that lipstick is that weird. I think it is ok. But again, I was the one that put it on. I think that going all out is kinda weird. Eye make-up and foundation is just gonna sweat off. Waterproof mascara is ok, but for me, it is going to just be covered up by my big sunglasses.

What do you think? Do you use anything other then sunscreen on your face when you run? I won't wear make-up during my workouts because I usually go workout within an hour of waking up.


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