Monday Snow

Ugh, it snowed last night. I have the next week off of work and I planned on spending a lot of time working out. With the ground white, even though it is mostly melted now, I wanted to puss out and not go outside.

And I am waiting for the UPS to deliver something, so I kept my workout inside.

I watched the last half of Crazy, Stupid, Love while doing push ups, curls with my single 12 pound dumbbell, and some ab work.

My BF, aka the worst present giver ever, gave his son these Nike push up grips and his daughter some 1 pound walking weights as part of their Christmas presents. I actually used both during the hour I was working out. I strapped the weights on my wrists and I think it helped add a little extra weight on to my 12 pound dumbbell. I am kinda curious to see how much they annoy me during my next run.

I am going to head to Ghetto Renew later on this evening to get an hour or so on the treadmill.

Have you ever used weights while you run or walk? I am going to try them but they seem so 80's to me.


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