My SECOND Marathon sign up!

Ok, I did it and I signed up for my SECOND marathon.

As I posted on Friday, I mentioned that I wanted to do this race. I thought that it was full, and I emailed the director asking about it. They said that I happened to have found the one link that wasn't updated from earlier this year. They fixed it and I was able to spend $79 to register. ($75 with a $4 fee)

The Sogonapmit Marathon is uphill for the 1st half - and you have 2.5hours to get it done. And it starts at 3:20am. When you get to the top, that is where the Timpanogos Half Marathon are. And they start 2.5 hours after the marathon start. You have to be up there BEFORE they start. That is the challenge. The 2nd half is all downhill the way you came - with the half marathoners.

There are only a 100 marathon spots and 1,500 half marathon spots. Looks like I better start checking hotel rates near there soon! 

I am excited! Like, jumping up and down going "yyyyeeeeaaaaahhh!" excited. I'll be thinking up a new training plan tonight. Like slogging some of my runs up to Bogus Basin instead of Lucky Peak like last summer.

When this registration high wears off, I will start panicing and doubting my ability, but I guess I will have to put in MEGA HARD WORK for the next 6 months. Working my butt off hardcore! Maybe I will pack a workout bag and lift some weights tonight at Ghetto Renew after work.

Have you started signing up for 2012 races yet?


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