New Years Day 5K " Race Packet" Pick-Up

Ok, I am totally bummed out. I went to pick up my "race packet" for the New Years Day 5K (NYD5K) at Bandanna and it consisted of a shirt, which I paid an extra $8 for, my race number - 240, some safety pins, if I wanted them- which I didn't, and another free haircut coupon for Sport Clips.Which expires Jan 31, 2012. Same as my last Sport Clips coupon that I got a couple of weeks ago.

Timing chips will be available in the morning. Yay! I'll be chip timed.

I am not a dude, and I have no desire to go to Sport Clips. Does the YMCA expect that only men and boys are running this thing? Or did the "race director" go on vacation for ever and not put anything cool in this "packet?" I am picking all of this up before I start my NYE drinking, so I am sober enough to be disappointed in getting just my bib and shirt as a "packet." Maybe I am expecting more from my local races then I should be. Maybe I have not put enough things in this post in "quotes?"

Oh well, I guess. I guess spending the $25 for a privilege to run along the Greenbelt with some other suckers is what I should be happy with.

I am obviously a spoiled brat who likes to complain about things.

I guess I need to drink more of my x-mas presents.

Chocolate Martini, anyone?

What are you drinking into the new year? I got a bottle of bubbly chilling and a bottle of sparkling apple cider just waiting for us.


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