Sunday Sinner

Forgive me Runners, for I have sinned.

I drank way too much yesterday.

And I have not ran for a whole week.

And I am dehydrated. Mostly from drinking a couple too many gin & tonics last night. Duh.

But, also from not drinking as much water as I needed to during the week.

I decided a repent is what I needed to do to make up from my sins of the weekend week.

I put on my new running tights (Champion Work It Out tights) I bought last night and headed to the library(i had the Steve Jobs book on hold waiting for me), and post office to pick up my goodies above.

The Nuun sample looks totally like a condom wrapper. My Team Sparkle Gunmetal skirt is going to be for my New Years Day run.

I planned to get in 2-3miles in on the greenbelt, but I only did 1 slow 13minute mile. My calves were cramping up.From all of my sins, of course.
It was icy and cold in the shade.
Some icy, slick, snow on the ground.
There were fish jumping in the river. There were plenty of fishermen around to snag some.

I am going to flog myself for being bad with some Bear Creek Cheddar Potato soup (I added peas to my bowl) and some steak I am frying up now.
 Have you been naughty this weekend? Or is Santa keeping you on his Good list this year?


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