Sunday's Workout

One week since my last marathon and I am feeling pretty good.

I went to Ghetto Renew and did a half an hour on the eliptical while watching Scary Movie 2. TVs in the machines are the best ever.

I also added a mile on the dreadmill while getting in another 12 minutes of Scary Movie 2.

Came home and had to stretch. My right calf cramped up while doing my mile and it was very uncomfortable.  I did some major stretching during the movie The Bang Bang Club. If you have not watched it, I highly recommend it. Very dramatic and very good. Plus it has Ryan Phillppe as if you need another reason to watch it.

This week, a couple of mini-goals I need to do this week is drink more water. I didn't get as much as I needed this weekend. And I need to stretch more. My hamstrings were so tight and they did not feel good. I have to loosen them up.

Have you watched any good movies lately? What do you think about college football? My BSU is playing the BF's alma matter - ASU in Vegas. I would get tickets if I did not just come home from a vacation. The BF's dad lives in Vegas.


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