The Sweat Decends

Went to ghetto renew tonight. Did a few minutes on the elliptical because all 6 treadmills were taken.

Finally snagged a 'mill. Did 5 miles in just over 60 minutes with an incline from -3 to +4.0. I watched a little bit of Chopped on Food Network but decided to zone out with some music instead.

Can I say I was a gross, sweaty mess? Yes, I can.

Thank goodness I had my ipod and listened to Les Savy Fav a couple of times during my last mile.

What was your workout today? Any big New Years Eve plans?


  1. I just finished an Amanda Russell video that kicked my butt! But I loved every minute of it. As for New Year's we are throwing a raging party at my house. ;) Should be fun. Bring on the Almond Champagne!

    BTW, great run!


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