Working It Out

Yesterday, I was messing around on my Blackberry looking for something to watch.

I came across the Nike Women YouTube channel. They post a few different athletic women showing various workouts. Some are tough. Some need weights. And some are things like squats and crunches.

I tried a few of them out at work, but didn't want to get too sweaty. Because, you know, I was at work. I went to Ghetto Renew today in a few to do specifically this one. I don't like to jump around in the living room and get all sweaty on the carpet. Ick.

Yes, I would like to increase my speed and gain explosive power!

What was your workout today? I did sweaty 2.5 miles on the dreadmill with a 3.0 incline. Gotta prep for Sogonapmit!

Do you use a site like YouTube as workout inspiration?


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