Deals and Meat

I went shopping today - it was actually for a new sports bra. I had a gift card to Dillard's that I got for xmas and was thinking maybe they had something there.

Oh, they did for sure!

I scored these Nike Pro Combat capris for $12! Ok, they are a size smaller then what I would normally get, but its only a problem for my tummy. I am used to that. A pair of Zensah shorts are fine in the legs and tight in the tummy, so its cool. I'll deal.
Anyways, another motivator to lose weight, right?

I also scored on clearance a Dri-Fit tank that is the right size.
 Surprisingly, Dillard's DOES have sports bras. At $62 dollars this bad boy BETTER hold me in place and I better not get any chafing! The sales girl says she loves them and uses them horseback riding. It is a Wacoal Sport. I ordered a second one in black. It's got underwire, so you are separated, and didn't bounce in the fitting room when I was jumping up and down. It looks like it is backwards with the underwire on the outside, but it is not. I am going to try it tonight. If this works, I will get more, maybe just to wear them to work in the summer with my bike commuting and all.
 I need to go work out now. Saturday night fun. I made the above meatloaf, which I think is a calorie bomb at 500 calories a slice, but oh so worth it. It has bacon and cheese... I recommend it! I used ground turkey and no mushrooms as that's what my fridge had/didn't have in in.
Another "flattering" pic of myself. I swear I am not drunk or hungover. Stupid self-timer. I got at least 5 miles to slog at ghetto renew!

How are you spending Saturday night? The bf is watching football for some reason and I am heading to go workout.

Do you like meatloaf? I think the BF is now a changed man on the meatloaf after tonight's! And I like meat in any form. TWSS - lol


  1. I have had my fair share of bra disasters along the way, but I have been in love with Enell sports bras for the last year. There's no bounce and I never have to wear 2 of them again!!

    As far as regular bras go, I have also learned that most women in the US don't wear the right size. I was up to a 38DD and found a British company called Bravissimo and I'm actually a 34FF. :O While their stuff isn't cheap, it's totally worth it when you find a bra that feels like your ladies are in a cloud all day instead of the death of you.

    Just my opinion. Let me know if you check them out and have any questions.


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