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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

On Twitter tonight, Fitness RX For Women posted this great post.

I think this is so true and so relevant to what I was thinking this week. I have been weighing myself almost daily and logging the weight into The Daily Plate. They have a little chart so that you can see how the graph goes up and down. I AM down the 6 pounds from my xmas gluttony, but I go up every weekend 2 pounds and go back down during the week.

The graph has input for calories and weight. I can see how my calories from the day(s) before affects my weight today and tomorrow.

I know I have a few excuses for this that I am going to keep under control THIS weekend.  Oh wait, it's the Super Bowl weekend. Crap. I am going to have some major willpower fighting this Sunday for sure.

1. I am not as active on the weekends as I am during the week. My workdays, I walk around for at least 6 hours a night, plus workout. Weekends, I watch about 6 hours a night of movies and don't work out as much. Saturday, I am going to do that 18 mile long run on the schedule to see if that helps counteract my weekend sloth.

2. I eat and drink too much. I know I go all carb crazy - usually my Saturday night Gin & Tonics. Alcohol bloats me and is nothing but bad carbs. And after I have 1 drink, I won't drive. But I also won't workout either.

3. I don't eat as many veggies during the weekend as I do during the week. I will be adding more veggies to my meals this weekend to see if that will help me keep portions and calories under control this weekend.

Do you get all crazy with calories on weekends or do you keep then under control? I do sooo well during the week, but the weekends have no structure at all.


  1. Yes yes yes. I have the exact same problem. I eat great all week and undo it all on the weekend. We are at my in laws this weekend which usually makes it doubly worse, they keep candy out on the table AT ALL TIMES. So I need a weekend gameplan!

    1. I think my game plan of the long run will help me, drinking more water, logging what I eat, and more veggies. I think I would be chewing a lot of gum to keep some of that candy out of my mouth at the inlaws. lol!


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