How To Recover & Shopping Goodies

I guess the best way to recover from my funk of the last few weeks is just to drink some water, take a multivitamin, a vitamin D, and get my workout shoes on.

I feel so much better after doing 4miles at ghetto renew. I really shoulda done more but 4 is good enough to perk me up. I did my 1st mile at 4.7 at 1.0 incline. Then I hopped off to get the fan. I really don't like the feeling of the crook of my arms dripping sweat. And the room smelled really dusty. The fan helped with all of that. I did 3 more miles at 5.0-7.3 at a -3 to a +3.0 incline. I even foam rolled my IT bands after I was done. My right side is painful. I am doing some serious stretching as my calves are achy and my right knee is bothering me. I think its all because of my shoes.

I went food shopping this weekend. This is some of the goodies that is helping me carb up. I don't need the carbs, but they sure are tasty. 
A little high in calories. But aren't all tasty carby things. Drank half the Darigold Refuel after my ghetto renew sweat fest today. So tasty.

I drink box wine, cuz we high class on the Boise Bench. 'ight.

Have you had these chips? OMG they are so good. I had to tape the bag shut because I could go through the whole bag. These chips are better then the cereal that Nature Valley had at one time. I only got them because yesterday they were next to the Doritos at Costco & the BF didn't want Doritos. These are better then Doritos. So good.

What sort of shopping goodies have you bought lately? What was your workout today?


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