I Am So Embarrassed

Yesterday was one of the few days that I can say that I was glad to be at work. Walking around and doing my physical job is something that I am thankful for. I don't ever want to have a desk job. Ever. I get so bored sitting down.

I took a big salad to work last night. And I made another 2 salads for today and tomorrow night. My tummy is so happy with me. Sitting around the house, watching tv and drinking my xmas presents makes me fat and bloated and slow and sluggish. I gained 4 pounds during the 10 days I was off work! Not something to be proud of.

I finally got my pics from the NYD5K. I was really proud when I first looked at them because the pics are good and clear and I thought I looked ok in them. Then I looked at them again. Wow, I have, like, 2 faces. I don't have a double chin, but I really have a double face. The whole double chin runs in the family. My cousin was anorexic in high school and had a double chin. I have always had a double chin, but now it is my second face. I am really embarrassed about how I look.
I totally feel like I am the girl version of Cartman. And I don't have a neck!

These pics are now my desktop on my computer AND my phone so that it will help motivate me to not gain anymore weight and to lose what I have gained. Time to cut the bad carbs I have been consuming and keep up with working out!

Did you have a long holiday break from work? Are you glad the holidays are done and the new year started?


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