I Had A Fan

After work last night, I went back to Ghetto Renew to get a few more miles in before bed. There were only 2 dudes in there working out last night.

I did 1 mile at 4.5. I always sweat like a fiend at the half mile mark. And then I thought, there is a FAN in the group ex room. I NEED to get that.

And I did. I put that baby in the perfect position and did 2 more, less sweaty, miles at 4.9. I think I only had the incline at .5 the whole time.

I totally felt like I could keep going and slog out a couple more miles, but I didn't want to make my bedtime too much past 3am. I have to get a plan thought up for this summer if I am going to do more long runs after work on the greenbelt after work to prepare for Sogonapmit Marathon 3am start time. Or if I should just do them before work.

My legs have been a little less crampy this week. I think it is all due to me being so dang dehydrated during the, nearly 2 week off, xmas break. But this fan in the pic above has me excited about running comfortably. I was thinking of making today a rest day, but I may just pack my workout clothes and do another slog tonight in front of the fan.

What do you think about long runs for me before work - which is the afternoon - or after work - middle of the night?


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