I'm A Runner

Yesterday I was changing up the polish on my finger and toe nails. I have had the colors on my nails since X-mas and it was not pretty anymore.When I took my polish on my toes, my left big toe was still colored. Wait, I took a lavender color off my toenail, not a darker, regular color of purple!

My toe nail is bruised. I feel like I made one of many rights of passages into official runnerdom. lol

I don't know when this happened. Sometime in the last 2 weeks. I have not dropped anything on my foot, have not kicked anything, have not increased miles suddenly...

I have not had a problem with blisters or loose toenails or anything since I have started running. I thank Swiftwick socks and properly fitting shoes. I do have a problem with ingrowns, as I credit dainty girl shoes, like the heels and ballet flats that I wear when I do not have sporty shoes on.

Seriously, I can't wait to lose the nails itself as it would save me a trip to the doctor to have him remove the toenail for the whole ingrown issue. After Seattle, I was hoping to lose it, but no luck there.

I guess 2012 will be my year to gain another entry into the world of running if I only can lose a toenail!

Anyways, my nails are painted - I hate bare nails. I will slog 13 miles tomorrow. I am so ready for the weekend.

Any runs planed for the weekend? Do you do your nails yourself or go somewhere to get them done? Have you lost a toenail?


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