It Just Felt Good

After the last post I made, I headed over for a night slog at ghetto renew. There were only about 4 people there. It was nice that it was quiet. Downside is that a treadmill is out of order. They only have like, 6 treadmills. It's a bad time of year for one to be down!

That being said, I planned for 5 miles. I actually did 6. I had to finish watching TMZ. Sorry, but I love watching the show more then going to the website, even though I go to the website more then I get to watch the show.

5.5 of the miles just felt good. I did all the miles either at a -3.0 decline or a 1.0 incline. The .5 mile that didn't feel good was when I was at a 0.0 incline. I think it's cuz I need new shoes and I roll my right foot out. Which was hurting my calves and knees. Did my miles comfortably slow at 4.5, but cranked it up to 6.9 at the last bit. I will get even faster this year then last!

Do you work out on inclines or just stay flat?


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