Long Run

I know that your long runs are training for endurance. I know, shame on me, that I have broken my long run up to 2 runs today.

I got almost 10 miles at about 12min/each in after work.Treadmill speed of 5.0 with an incline of .5 with 1.0 at the end.

The main reason that I did this is because of time, and that I can have a treadmill with the fan at ghetto renew for 2 hours at night without someone bugging me that they need the machine.

I will fit in another 3 miles to finish off my long run today. I have 3 different pics because the treadmill goes to 99 minutes and I thought that I did the 5, then the 2, then I could at least do another 5 or 6. But I was getting tired because it was so late - almost 4am - and my right knee started to bug me.

I was actually able to zone out during the slog and watch Mission Impossible 3 on TNT. I love watching action movies because I can see the characters run and jump and it makes me want to do it too!

Do you work out at odd hours sometimes? Did you see the new Mission Impossible movie, yet?


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