More NYD5K Pics

Because, I love looking at myself all the time, I am posting more pics of myself from yesterdays run.

These are pics that my friend Christy took and she tagged me on FB in. I even stole one of her hubby and his friend. They were right behind me the whole way. I had no idea they were so close to me!

This was at the start of the race. Parkcenter. They didn't have traffic closed to all the cars, so I was on the sidewalk.
The run was along the greenbelt until this point where we were on Broadway - see the BSU football stadium in the background? This is on a bridge over the river and a narrow sidewalk. Thank goodness I am at the back of the pack and not running on this in a crowd of people!
At the end of the sidewalk, we come down this hill, which is behind the Ram, which takes us back to the greenbelt.
Here is a cute pic of Christy's ultra-runner hubby and friend - who was doing his first race today. Go him!

Just another angle of my finish line crossing. I love looking at pictures of myself and I hope you do to! lol

Did you see yesterdays post on sending an email for me to bring back Universal Sports? I miss my Universal Sports! There is nothing on TV worth watching now!
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