The Right Direction

Today I got up and hopped on to the scale, like I do most days I remember before having coffee. Thankfully it is going down. Stopping the alcohol drinking, more water, tea, and cleaner (but not perfect-I was given chocolate, I HAD to eat it) eating is helping my body get back to where it was pre-holiday week. 1.5 pounds down from beginning of the week.

I was going to head to ghetto renew after work last night as there is only 1-5 people there at 2am, but my workout clothes were so cold sitting in my car my whole work shift, I did not want to feel that cold on me after being cold at work. So I came up with a solution. I will take my shorts and sports bra with me in my work bag and put them on under my work clothes before I leave work. That way, the things I don't want touching me cold, won't be cold. And I don't have to spend precious time changing when I could be on the treadmill.

I did work out a half hour with my dumbbells today. I did lunges (my knees are a little more noisy then normal) squats, curls, rows and flies. I have a journal paper to finish for my intersession class and one more big paper to write this weekend. I didn't have time to run to a treadmill this afternoon.Tonight, fo sho. Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment so there will be no time before that to get a treadmill run in.
I guess one of the purposes of this blog is to share some of the most unflattering pictures of myself.

What was your workout today? Do you want to write a 3-5 page paper on blood borne pathogens for me this weekend? lol j/k


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