So Tired

I have been sooo tired this week. I don't know if my body wants to go into hibernation with the snow expected to come tonight/tomorrow, or if working out after work has something to do with it. I am guessing that I want to go into hibernation.

I have been wanting to sleep 10+ hours a day all last week and this weekend. I slogged over 3 miles on Sunday on the treadmill (5.0 at 1.0 incline) and last night I slogged just one mile. I did not have the energy to keep going.
Did a set of weights for the arms and went home and went to bed. I have a half a pot of coffee waiting for me. Gotta drink another cup before I head to work tonight for warmth and energy. Got my Patagonia Capilene in my bag and gloves ready, just in case I have to shovel some snow or salt some sidewalks tonight. Along with another pair of shoes and socks in case my others get wet.Ugh.

Do you want to go into hibernation until spring? Do you like to shovel snow?


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