Congratulations Mr. Groundhog!

As of 2:30am, when I finished my 3 treadmill miles, it is snowing. Congratulations to Mr. Groundhog for predicting correctly the few extra weeks of winter. 

 That is the ground and it has snow falling on it.

Today was tiring. After a dental appointment to take out half my stitches that came loose, I went shopping at Winco for coffee creamer. The most important thing in my kitchen besides the coffee and coffee pots. I found Dragonfruit, which the BF has been wanting for so long, and I got 6. Thought that it would make his V-day a little bit more special. I gave him his presents last week when they came in the mail - goodies from Dean & Deluca. Being the great gift giver that he is, I got a "Happy Tuesday" and a "Happy Valentines Day." Words. My BF is so romantic.

 I wanted to do a little bit more then 3. I can't remember how many are on my schedule, but I am so tired. I had to nap before work this afternoon and after a pot of coffee, I yawned all night long. I did the 1st 2 miles at 4.9 and no incline, but needed to stop and run to the pottie. Tummy ache. Then I was able to slog through the 3rd mile varying the incline from -3 to +6 at 4.9. The higher you go the tougher it is. I know. Duh. But sometimes the brain and the legs forget when you don't do push yourself for a few weeks.  
Have you ever tried Dragonfruit before? I have yet to try it but I am excited!


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